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It gives me immense pleasure to introduce Aerospace Medicine International Inc. - an association of aerospace medicine specialists and allied disciplines, including those involved in safety sensitive aviation activities - to further aviation safety globally, particularly in emerging markets. This association is a novel initiative of Aerospace Medicine Education and Research IniTiative (AMERIT), a group of practitioners of Aerospace Medicine of Indian origin scattered across the globe, to offer a collaborative platform of wider aerospace medicine and aviation safety community to cooperate, learn and share each other's experiences and skills to promote and enhance health, well-being and safety of all those involved in, or affected by, aviation related activities, as also space related activities in the long run.
"Fly Safe" is the pivot around which all activities of Aerospace Medicine International will be built. It is a stupendous task which needs dedicated involvement of devoted experts. I exhort all like-minded people with a spirit of selfless, voluntary service to join hands for the larger cause of aviation safety with focus on:- " Training, education and research in Aerospace Medicine and Aviation Safety. " Working towards systematic, evidence based changes in standards and practice of Aerospace Medicine across geographical regions, and " Direct engagement with all stakeholders, including general public, to sensitise about aerospace safety and public health aspects of aerospace activities. We pledge ourselves to work towards this onerous task with cooperation, collaboration and engagement of all stakeholders across the globe on one platform - Aerospace Medicine International - for safer skies for all.

Fly Safe

Dr Jayant Kulkarni M.D. President
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